fuck that blog fright, it’s time to press this!

This is my first try in creating beaded tree pendants and also my first post on this blog (wipes sweat from her brow).   I got stage fright or better call it “blog fright” 😛 .   I have been thinking about what should I put in this blog .   This is not my first time to write a blog.  I have posted on my other blog about my texture creations.  On this blog, I was not sure on how to start it.   I am not some bead guru.  I am just another girl that loves beads, textures, patterns, chocolate cakes, Photoshop, owls, trees, coffee, yoga  and simply creating things.   The mind plays tricks, it can scare or motivate.    So I said to myself, “fuck that blog fright,  it’s time to press this!”

So how will I start??? What will I write about??? My answer to myself? Well, I said to myself, I will write today about my 1st attempt in creating my tree pendant and just simply share some photos.  I even said to myself,  it will not  be that technical… just plain fun taking snapshots, explaining the materials used and editing pics in Photoshop.  That was how I overcome my blog fright —- simply thinking of something “fun” to do besides worrying about what to write about.

So here goes my bead tree story.   For this project,  I used stainless wires, mix garden jasper and glass beads.   I don’t have 14 or 16 gauge stainless wires, which could have been ideal for the pendant’s  body/frame .  So, my alternative was to twist 3 thin stainless wires (.60) .   I also don’t have the fancy wire twister gadget which you can buy in online bead stores like Firemountain gems or Riogrande.  What is my alternative?  The solution was to buy a pair of cotter pins at handyman hardware store, which I did right after my visit to the gym.  I used the cotter pins to twist the wires manually :P.  That is what handmade is all about, that labor of love :).   Enough of the technicalities.  Nothing much on that for today.

Here are the shots of my materials and my beaded tree pendant.   These were taken with a digital camera and had fun editing them in Adobe Photoshop with Lomo Filters from Filter Forge  to create this retro looking shot.

Beads and tools used for creating my first beaded Tree pendant.

I dug from my archive of photos for my beaded tree pendant while the materials shot were just done today weeee!!!

So a brief background about my beading history,  I started playing with beads since 2003 but last year,  I have been in love with wire crochet, wire wrapping and simply just everything about wire craft and beads.

Whew, this first post is done. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!  I survived my first post to my bead blog.  It was not so bad after all.   I kinda had fun photo editing my pics in Photoshop today.  So as an added bonus,  here is an image I did with the cotter pins as a background and a motivational quote by Martin Luther King Jr. “Take the first step in faith.  You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”  Have fun everyone! Namaste!

Image background created from original photo and edited in Adobe Photoshop using filter forge plugin for the Lomo Effect. Added a quotation from Martin Luther King Jr.


About textureweaver

I express myself through art. I create handmade beaded jewelry, 3d objects and 2D seamless textures. I love lifting weights, exploring yoga and sipping coffee & tea. You can also find me inside the virtual world of Second Life. I enjoy relaxing under the sun and smelling the cool breeze from the sea.
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11 Responses to fuck that blog fright, it’s time to press this!

  1. callmeshebear says:

    Beautiful beadwork! And your blog looks great. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your creations.

  2. bobmielke says:

    I’ve heard faith best described as a tight wire walker going across Niagra Falls with a wheelbarrow half a dozen times. On his last return a man applauds him, cheering him on saying, “you can do it again, I have faith”. With that the performer declares, “get in”!

  3. That is so beautiful! You are so good at this! 🙂

  4. Deborah - d.mooncrab says:

    Create more! That is a very nice pendant.

    • textureweaver says:

      Hi Deborah! thank you for stopping by. Yep, I will be creating more .. I am actually excited because I ordered some wire wrapping tools from Firemountain gems weeeeee ^_^

  5. Suzanne says:

    I love beads too but mostly just make necklaces. Your tree pendant is beautiful. How clever.

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