Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

Here’s my Happy Photo Gallery. It includes snaps of my travels, the love of my life,  my designs,  good times,  hobbies etc.   I am happy whenever I create.  My creativity is not just limited to beads.  I am open to all sorts of creative adventure. You can see samples of my 2d textures done in Photoshop, my print designs for cafepress/zazzle and my beaded jewelry.

I love my bamboo pen and touch tablet.  Before I started using it, I was already developing wrist pain from using the mouse and photoshop.  Controlling the bamboo pen tablet can be difficult at first.  It comes with a tutorial that helps you get the hang of it in controlling the pen and using the tablet as a touch screen.  It is really a great help.  I thought my wrist issue came from my lifting of weights but when I started using the tablet the pain just went away.

You can also see how much beads have I collected through the years.  I don’t have an online store at the moment.  I have joined etsy way back 2009 but I never got the chance to open my store.  It’s mostly friends that would ask me to make beaded jewelry designs.  My current bead collection is displayed on the gallery.  The new strands I bought a couple of days ago is not yet included :P.

I am also happy whenever I get the chance to go to the gym to lift weights and attend my yoga class.  Lately, I have not been as active as I used to.  I wanted to devout my time in my creative life.  I also enjoy helping other people at the gym by motivating them and sharing my life experience on my fitness journey which started way back 2009.

As for my travel adventure,  I love visiting Krabi and Khao Lak (Thailand) with the love of my life.  It feels so peaceful and it’s one of those moments when I can just stop my mind from thinking and enjoy the moment while we hold each others hand.

During my spare time, I love to stop by at one particular book store — Booksale.  I enjoy checking out their store for magazine back issues and books.  It’s not just the price but it is more of the surprise factor.  It feels more like a book hunt.  That exciting feeling  of finding a good book with no particular author in mind.  On some days, I end up bringing home a drawing book, on some days a bead book and on some days a motivational book.  The list goes on.

So that’s about it, my brief story on what makes me happy.  Have a great weekend everyone!


About textureweaver

I express myself through art. I create handmade beaded jewelry, 3d objects and 2D seamless textures. I love lifting weights, exploring yoga and sipping coffee & tea. You can also find me inside the virtual world of Second Life. I enjoy relaxing under the sun and smelling the cool breeze from the sea.
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