Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

It takes 1,275 steps to reach the top of the mountain and see the big Buddha and the great view on the north of Krabi, Thailand

The Tiger Cave Temple (Wat Tham Seua) in Krabi, Thailand has its big Buddha on top of the mountain.  It takes 1,275 steps to reach the top.  This is my take in this week’s challenge because I think that whenever we decide to move forward in life, a change happens.  Struggles may arise and  can take place in any form (emotional, mental, physical).  There are those moments when we have to be outside of our comfort zones to be able to move forward in life.  Decisions need to be made.  Frustrations  and fears can creep in even before we even take the first step of moving ahead towards our goal.  In the end forward would mean you are welcoming risks and change.

Some of the steps were steep but in the end of our journey we reached the top of the mountain and saw the big Buddha of Wat Tham Seua.  We have not been able to do it if we were not willing to do a bit of sacrifice and have a dose of patience and perseverance.  It was easy to just quit half way towards our journey because at each turn we take the steps going up the mountain didn’t seem to stop at all.  It all seemed to be a never ending series of steps.


About textureweaver

I express myself through art. I create handmade beaded jewelry, 3d objects and 2D seamless textures. I love lifting weights, exploring yoga and sipping coffee & tea. You can also find me inside the virtual world of Second Life. I enjoy relaxing under the sun and smelling the cool breeze from the sea.
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