Weekly photo challenge: Kiss

Weekly photo challenge: Kiss

Giving a cute Tarsier a kiss on my visit to Bohol, Philippines. I think the little guy was shy 🙂

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Cherry blossom reflections

Cherry blossom festival!!!!

The Cherry blossom tree is the source of my inspiration for one of my handmade tree pendants. Since cherry blossoms have a short life span, it is often associated with the symbolic meaning to life’s cycle. Personally, it reminds me of how important every minute of the day is. Most of the time we get sucked into the hustle and bustle of this modern world that we forget to know how it is like to live. I know how that feels. I have lived that part of my life when I was so driven with my career. I ended up spending every day worrying about work, bills to pay and chores. I didn’t know then how it feels like to enjoy a warm cup of coffee, a chocolate cake on the side and just let time stand still. Stressful work environment started to take its toll on me. I got diagnosed with hyperthyroidism.

My results were off the charts. My doctor only gave me two options. Either take my thyroid out or have a radiation. I didn’t opt for any of these. He gave me thyroid meds to control the levels and see if it goes down. I made a decision for myself to see if going to the gym and changing my lifestyle can help me out with my situation. I decided to change my lifestyle. I started going to the gym and changing my diet. A miracle started happening. For the first year, my thyroid levels went down every month. The following year my doctor reduced my meds. By January 2011, I wanted to see if my thyroids would function normal without medication. My latest test as of December 2012, indicated that my thyroids were functioning at normal condition. My doctor was surprised. He just advised me to continue on my lifestyle changes.

A dear friend told me that the happiness factor is important. I also get hard times and bad days like everybody does. The only difference now is that I give appreciation to the simple things I see and experience in life like blue skies or simply just a warm cup of coffee. I am thankful for just being alive and being able to create and express myself in my art. I wish one day I would be able to experience the season of the Cherry blossoms in Japan. They only bloom for a week or so. A nice reminder on how short life is and how important to live each moment and be in the present and let go of the past and not worry so much about tomorrow.

My handmade Tree of Life pendant with Cherry blossoms as my inspiration.

My handmade Tree of Life pendant with Cherry blossoms as my inspiration.

For my tree of life collection, I decided to make a Cherry blossom Tree. I made this pendant with Cherry Quartz, freshwater pearls, glass beads and crystals. My handmade tree pendant is wire wrapped in stainless wires.

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Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day!

I have not been on here for quite some time. I am starting a post by greeting everyone Happy Hearts day with a photo of my mini heart-shaped chocolate cake.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

Here’s my Happy Photo Gallery. It includes snaps of my travels, the love of my life,  my designs,  good times,  hobbies etc.   I am happy whenever I create.  My creativity is not just limited to beads.  I am open to all sorts of creative adventure. You can see samples of my 2d textures done in Photoshop, my print designs for cafepress/zazzle and my beaded jewelry.

I love my bamboo pen and touch tablet.  Before I started using it, I was already developing wrist pain from using the mouse and photoshop.  Controlling the bamboo pen tablet can be difficult at first.  It comes with a tutorial that helps you get the hang of it in controlling the pen and using the tablet as a touch screen.  It is really a great help.  I thought my wrist issue came from my lifting of weights but when I started using the tablet the pain just went away.

You can also see how much beads have I collected through the years.  I don’t have an online store at the moment.  I have joined etsy way back 2009 but I never got the chance to open my store.  It’s mostly friends that would ask me to make beaded jewelry designs.  My current bead collection is displayed on the gallery.  The new strands I bought a couple of days ago is not yet included :P.

I am also happy whenever I get the chance to go to the gym to lift weights and attend my yoga class.  Lately, I have not been as active as I used to.  I wanted to devout my time in my creative life.  I also enjoy helping other people at the gym by motivating them and sharing my life experience on my fitness journey which started way back 2009.

As for my travel adventure,  I love visiting Krabi and Khao Lak (Thailand) with the love of my life.  It feels so peaceful and it’s one of those moments when I can just stop my mind from thinking and enjoy the moment while we hold each others hand.

During my spare time, I love to stop by at one particular book store — Booksale.  I enjoy checking out their store for magazine back issues and books.  It’s not just the price but it is more of the surprise factor.  It feels more like a book hunt.  That exciting feeling  of finding a good book with no particular author in mind.  On some days, I end up bringing home a drawing book, on some days a bead book and on some days a motivational book.  The list goes on.

So that’s about it, my brief story on what makes me happy.  Have a great weekend everyone!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

My yoga mat, black coffee & slice of chocolate cake

After reading the photo challenge this morning, I immediately headed to the coffee shop next to my place and carried my yoga mat.  I love black coffee (no sugar).   I can drink it as it is without pairing it with anything.  However, if there is anything I would love to pair it with, then it would be a slice of chocolate cake.  This combo makes me happy.

I had to add my yoga mat in the photo challenge because it is my own special place.  The moment I step into my mat,  it becomes magical for me.  It lets me travel that road to self awareness and discovery.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

I got lucky to see a pigeon rest outside the side window of the building where I am staying at noon today. I saw the weekly photo challenge article last night and just wished before going to bed that I can capture a moment next day representing “Solitary”. I stepped outside my door, looked across the empty hallway, then turn my gaze outside the window and my jaw dropped with such a surprise. The pigeon was just there resting. I was just filled with joy. A magical moment that my wish came true. A wonderful blessing today to capture a pigeon’s solitary moment.

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fuck that blog fright, it’s time to press this!

This is my first try in creating beaded tree pendants and also my first post on this blog (wipes sweat from her brow).   I got stage fright or better call it “blog fright” 😛 .   I have been thinking about what should I put in this blog .   This is not my first time to write a blog.  I have posted on my other blog about my texture creations.  On this blog, I was not sure on how to start it.   I am not some bead guru.  I am just another girl that loves beads, textures, patterns, chocolate cakes, Photoshop, owls, trees, coffee, yoga  and simply creating things.   The mind plays tricks, it can scare or motivate.    So I said to myself, “fuck that blog fright,  it’s time to press this!”

So how will I start??? What will I write about??? My answer to myself? Well, I said to myself, I will write today about my 1st attempt in creating my tree pendant and just simply share some photos.  I even said to myself,  it will not  be that technical… just plain fun taking snapshots, explaining the materials used and editing pics in Photoshop.  That was how I overcome my blog fright —- simply thinking of something “fun” to do besides worrying about what to write about.

So here goes my bead tree story.   For this project,  I used stainless wires, mix garden jasper and glass beads.   I don’t have 14 or 16 gauge stainless wires, which could have been ideal for the pendant’s  body/frame .  So, my alternative was to twist 3 thin stainless wires (.60) .   I also don’t have the fancy wire twister gadget which you can buy in online bead stores like Firemountain gems or Riogrande.  What is my alternative?  The solution was to buy a pair of cotter pins at handyman hardware store, which I did right after my visit to the gym.  I used the cotter pins to twist the wires manually :P.  That is what handmade is all about, that labor of love :).   Enough of the technicalities.  Nothing much on that for today.

Here are the shots of my materials and my beaded tree pendant.   These were taken with a digital camera and had fun editing them in Adobe Photoshop with Lomo Filters from Filter Forge  to create this retro looking shot.

Beads and tools used for creating my first beaded Tree pendant.

I dug from my archive of photos for my beaded tree pendant while the materials shot were just done today weeee!!!

So a brief background about my beading history,  I started playing with beads since 2003 but last year,  I have been in love with wire crochet, wire wrapping and simply just everything about wire craft and beads.

Whew, this first post is done. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!  I survived my first post to my bead blog.  It was not so bad after all.   I kinda had fun photo editing my pics in Photoshop today.  So as an added bonus,  here is an image I did with the cotter pins as a background and a motivational quote by Martin Luther King Jr. “Take the first step in faith.  You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”  Have fun everyone! Namaste!

Image background created from original photo and edited in Adobe Photoshop using filter forge plugin for the Lomo Effect. Added a quotation from Martin Luther King Jr.

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