Eclectic “Mint Choco” tribal wire twirl necklace

This is another one of my one of a kind statement necklace in my wire twirl neck candy collection. This handmade necklace is a mix of tribal and bohemian feel. The wire twirls are lightweight aluminum wire material while the chain and toggle clasp are antiqued brass finished. Beads used were wood beads and seed beads. This is not exactly a choker style because it is just near below collar bone. The total length of this necklace is approximately 19.5″. It may not be neck hugging but it gives that sense of style and elegance. Wear it over a sleeveless sheer top, mullet skirt, and peep-toe heels for a stylish day at the office. You can also wear this with jeans and cute baby tee for an everyday casual look.

I made this design originally for a gift shop store in manila. This design is now available at my Etsy shop (

Those that plan to open up Tiange (Christmas shop booth) you can contact me for wholesale pricing.

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“Earth candy wire twirl necklace”

I have been on a holiday in Thailand and just came back last June and then had been busy again working on other projects. I just got back into creating and finally finishing jewelry pieces like three weeks ago. This is one of my designs from my wire twirl neck candy collection. I originally made this design for a local store in Manila. My handmade jewelry design is an eclectic mix of tribal and boho. Materials used for this artisan jewelry are wood beads, seed beads, aluminum wire and antiqued brass finished chain and toggle lock. This design is now available at my Etsy store ( I have also created other color combinations which I will post in the following days to come.

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Living Upcycled

Living Upcycled

I just put up my personal treasury list on Etsy. The theme I decided to focus on my treasury would be based on “Upcycled” materials and designs. I love how artists breath in new life from old materials. How they use creativity as a tool to help the environment. I featured items from different categories ranging from home accents, jewelry, bags, clothing and craft supplies. You can check my upcycled treasury list by clicking the image.

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Thinking of Spring

Thinking of Spring

I love the magic that the seasons bring. I made this tree pendant with the beauty of Spring as my inspiration. It signals new beginnings. Ushers the way for hope and dreams. This handmade jewelry was made with Keishi freshwater pearls, glass beads and crystals. It was wire wrapped with stainless steel wires. You can find this at Etsy (

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Starfish and candy flowers

A starfish with candy flowers


Beautiful starfish glass bead surrounded by resin flower beads that looked like candies at first glance.  These reminds me of wedding cake flowers.

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Random creative pic of the day: Alien Beads.


I have started having fun on instagram lately that I decided to create a section here in my blog of posting random creative shots that I make.  Are these alien eyes? or alien beads?

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

It takes 1,275 steps to reach the top of the mountain and see the big Buddha and the great view on the north of Krabi, Thailand

The Tiger Cave Temple (Wat Tham Seua) in Krabi, Thailand has its big Buddha on top of the mountain.  It takes 1,275 steps to reach the top.  This is my take in this week’s challenge because I think that whenever we decide to move forward in life, a change happens.  Struggles may arise and  can take place in any form (emotional, mental, physical).  There are those moments when we have to be outside of our comfort zones to be able to move forward in life.  Decisions need to be made.  Frustrations  and fears can creep in even before we even take the first step of moving ahead towards our goal.  In the end forward would mean you are welcoming risks and change.

Some of the steps were steep but in the end of our journey we reached the top of the mountain and saw the big Buddha of Wat Tham Seua.  We have not been able to do it if we were not willing to do a bit of sacrifice and have a dose of patience and perseverance.  It was easy to just quit half way towards our journey because at each turn we take the steps going up the mountain didn’t seem to stop at all.  It all seemed to be a never ending series of steps.

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Weekly photo challenge: Kiss

Weekly photo challenge: Kiss

Giving a cute Tarsier a kiss on my visit to Bohol, Philippines. I think the little guy was shy 🙂

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Cherry blossom reflections

Cherry blossom festival!!!!

The Cherry blossom tree is the source of my inspiration for one of my handmade tree pendants. Since cherry blossoms have a short life span, it is often associated with the symbolic meaning to life’s cycle. Personally, it reminds me of how important every minute of the day is. Most of the time we get sucked into the hustle and bustle of this modern world that we forget to know how it is like to live. I know how that feels. I have lived that part of my life when I was so driven with my career. I ended up spending every day worrying about work, bills to pay and chores. I didn’t know then how it feels like to enjoy a warm cup of coffee, a chocolate cake on the side and just let time stand still. Stressful work environment started to take its toll on me. I got diagnosed with hyperthyroidism.

My results were off the charts. My doctor only gave me two options. Either take my thyroid out or have a radiation. I didn’t opt for any of these. He gave me thyroid meds to control the levels and see if it goes down. I made a decision for myself to see if going to the gym and changing my lifestyle can help me out with my situation. I decided to change my lifestyle. I started going to the gym and changing my diet. A miracle started happening. For the first year, my thyroid levels went down every month. The following year my doctor reduced my meds. By January 2011, I wanted to see if my thyroids would function normal without medication. My latest test as of December 2012, indicated that my thyroids were functioning at normal condition. My doctor was surprised. He just advised me to continue on my lifestyle changes.

A dear friend told me that the happiness factor is important. I also get hard times and bad days like everybody does. The only difference now is that I give appreciation to the simple things I see and experience in life like blue skies or simply just a warm cup of coffee. I am thankful for just being alive and being able to create and express myself in my art. I wish one day I would be able to experience the season of the Cherry blossoms in Japan. They only bloom for a week or so. A nice reminder on how short life is and how important to live each moment and be in the present and let go of the past and not worry so much about tomorrow.

My handmade Tree of Life pendant with Cherry blossoms as my inspiration.

My handmade Tree of Life pendant with Cherry blossoms as my inspiration.

For my tree of life collection, I decided to make a Cherry blossom Tree. I made this pendant with Cherry Quartz, freshwater pearls, glass beads and crystals. My handmade tree pendant is wire wrapped in stainless wires.

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Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day!

I have not been on here for quite some time. I am starting a post by greeting everyone Happy Hearts day with a photo of my mini heart-shaped chocolate cake.

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